Tiny Anti-Gravity racer

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    So I've been working on this Anti-Gravity racer for a couple of days now :) But I've ran in to an slight issue I think.. Because the model has a pretty big massive part is't somewhat expensive to print, so I've been trying to 'hollow' it as much as I can, but I think because of the limits of my skills and software I'm using (Sketchup) I can't really see if the hollow parts I'm making inside the model come too close to the outside surface, making those spots too thin and causing problems during printing.

    I've uploaded an updated version of the model with hollow parts in it, and the site says it is printable but I'm still having some doubts...

    So I was kind of wondering if someone more skilled would be willing to spend a few minutes to have a look at the model to see if the clearances are good enough :)

    I'll send a link to the file via pm if someone wouldn't mind having a look :)
    (I can send it in .skp , .dae or .stl file format)

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