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Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by MichielCornelissen, May 21, 2012.

  1. MichielCornelissen
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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to share my recommendation for Vijay Paul of DotSan ltd. On two occasions Vijay has helped me out with complex and precise CAD work, and both times he has delivered excellent results quickly. He's a pleasure to work with - one of those people I'm extremely happy to have in my address book.

    So - if you have CAD work, especially challenging jobs (even if you think it's not possible!) you might want to get in touch with Vijay through - there's a good chance he'll be able to help you.

    Cheers, Michiel

  2. Dotsan
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    Thank you Michiel, it was a honor and pleasure working with you, I look forward to seeing the fruits of our labor soon.

    Expertise: Models created, checked, repaired, shelled and colored
    Experience: 10yrs+
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    Portfolio: Dot San
    Flickr: Dot San on Flickr
    Rate:Fixed rate,no two jobs are the same,email to discuss
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    We like challenges, so don't be shy in coming forward with any questions. Please feel free to contact my customers below for a reference.

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