ThreeForm 3D-printed Masks

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    Eagle mask, worn by performer Erika Bansen

    I designed a series of masks for my Hoop Troops (the ThreeForm promotional performance group) to wear at Maker Faire, and they were unexpectededly popular. I had literally hundreds of people ask us where they could buy them. The ones I had brought were very thick and printed by an extrusion based printer, so they were too costly for Shapeways. Luckily I've thinned them down and made them available in the more appropriate flexible nylon material. They are available singly, as well as in multi-packs. Great for parties! There is still time left to order some for Halloween!

    The three designs created so far are:

    The Venetian Mask[​IMG]

    The Eagle Mask[​IMG]

    The DareDevil Mask[​IMG]

    You can buy all three at once: ThreeForm Masks - All Three Designs, or in a number of size ranges also available at the ThreeForm Shapeways Shop.