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    I've just received three model research vessels fresh from the printers. They're all 1:1200 scale made from WSF material.

    The first is Royal Research Ship Ernest Shackleton, which is chartered by the British Antarctic Survey to take groceries for polar explorers. This boat is named for the Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton who was 3rd officer aboard the original RRS Discovery. The middle boat is the second RRS Discovery, not to be confused with RRS Discovery II, and the third is the third RRS Discovery which is replacing the refitted second RRS Discovery.


    1-1200 scale RRS Discovery and Ernest Shackleton.jpg 1-1200.html 200.html 200.html
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    Looked up the general arrangement (deck plans) of the RRS Discovery 2013 b/c of that model. Looks like an impressive research ship!
  3. equilux
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    Another shipment arrived this week. This time it's three ships that serve the Isles of Scilly. The one on the right is the Scillonian (3), which runs a daily service taking passengers to the islands. The two cargo ships are pretty small.

    Isles of Scilly Steamship Fleet 1-1200.jpg

    Also in Frosted Ultra Detail, but harder to photograph...

    Isles of Scilly Steamship Fleet 1-1200 FUD.jpg
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