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  1. do you know if it is possible to create threads on parts?
    say a m20 fine internal/external thread?

  2. minisumo
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    I would have thought M20 was a size that would not be a problem, I was considering M2!

    Will give you the basic shape but it doesn't give the tolerances you'll need to consider to get a reasonable fit. A coarse thread has a depth around 1.5mm, 2mm fine would be about 1.2mm and a 1.5mm fine would be close to 0.9mm deep.

    To avoid the worries about tolerance it might be worth modelling the basic form and use a tap or die to finish the thread - I guess this has a cost implication if you don't have the tooling. (about £33 for an M20x1.5 fine tap, the die probably similar)

    Reading the forum, it appears that you will have material to clear from the surface. The tap and die clearance of your threads will help this too.

    By comparison my M2 coarse threads are only 0.25mm deep on a 0.4mm pitch. I'd always intended finishing but the tool is only £4... I've still to finish and order the model.

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    Heres my thought....

    If its an external thread(like a fastener or something) odds are, you can probably just use the standard machine screw.

    If its an Internal thread that you need, instead of tapping and what not, you could probably use a standard machine screw to self tap the hole. If you make the hole the basic size of the fastener, it should tap right in.

    Thats just an idea though. Im pretty sure the RPM wont be able to print that fine details.