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  1. dharps
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    Would a female thread work for a shapeways model? I wish to have an 8-32 (major diameter about 4.2 mm) Any experience or opinion. Thanks dharps in USA
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    Thank you for the reply.
    Sorry that I wasn't specific enough. Yes, my question is if a female thread can be printed, and be usable. My material selection is Stainless Steel. As I mentioned the thread in question is 8-32, that's a major diameter of about 4.2 mm. It depends on your perspective if that is small or large. I am perfectly capable of threading a hole, post production of the model, but the Being able to "tap" this thread in a model would make Shapeways production more valuable to me.
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    32 TPI is too fine for printed detail in Stainless Steel. You might get away with it in White Strong & Flexible (depending on the thread profile) and it would work ok in Frosted Ultra Detail but FUD is a bit brittle so expect stripped threads.

    And alternative would be to have a hole and fit a threaded insert.

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    Thank You for the advice. I am waiting for printed models with holes. I will tap a few holes and consider inserts after that.
    Thanks again
    PS I am making parts to be used to build harps.