Threaded holes created in Alibre

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  1. longhaulgear
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    I'm extremely new to 3D modelling and 3D printing.

    I created a model in Alibre Design, which includes a number of threaded holes. In Alibre's documentation it says that while you don't see the threading on the render, it's included in the design data.

    I exported from Alibre to an .stl file and uploaded to shapeways. The shapeways preview likewise shows smooth holes, not threaded holes. If I order a piece, will my holes be threaded or not?

    JACANT Well-Known Member
    Get yourself a copy of
    Open your stl in this. WYSIWYG from Shapeways, you can zoom right in.
    You can check, repair, measure and scale your file.
  3. VeryWetPaint
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    No, the holes won't be threaded.

    Alibre keeps track of that information for the sake of design drawings and bills-of-materials, but it's not capable of generating actual screw threads; any holes will be simple smooth-sided bores. If you want threads you'll either have to cut them into the finished part or create the contours yourself via the Helical Cut tool.