Thoughts on 3D Scanners

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3D Scanners

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  1. Own one and love it

  2. Own one but never use it

  3. 123D and Dave 3D are good enough for me

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  4. Would own one, but they are two exspensive

  5. Would own one, but scanning requires too much manual work

  6. Would own one, but they only scan outside features, and not inner features like gears/electronics

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  7. I just enjoy printing and not designing

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  1. JaceLightning
    JaceLightning New Member
    Hey guys. Just trying to get feedback on 3D scanners. Do they work? Do you like them?

    I know some require a lot of manual setup and work, like filling in holes, rotating the object by hand. Most require the object to be reflective and detailed, i.e. if the object is black, shinny, or has no features, it might be hard for the program to reconstruct the geometry.

    3D scanners are great for shapes that are convex, but what about shapes with deep holes? or what about seeing inside the object? Wouldn't it be nice to scan an assembled object and then print a copy assembled?
  2. NormL
    NormL New Member
    I actually have three scanners. They are all a little larger than you are thinking of. Two are time of flight and have an effect range of 350 feet and one phased based that is more of a below 75 feet machine. I love working with them, but, I too want a smaller one for playing with.
  3. PeregrineStudios
    PeregrineStudios Well-Known Member
    Missed a category: Don't own one, but am currently saving to buy one. Just going with the lower-end at the get-go, the Solidoodle 3 - I'll see how much I use it and decide from there if I'm going to get a fancier one.

    EDIT: D'oh - 3D SCANNERS, not 3D Printers. Heh-heh! My bad.
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