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    G'day Everybody, My name is Mark, I'm based in Sydney, Australia.

    Since leaving uni (B ID) I do mainly model trains, working full time designing them. Whilst I can use rhino for NURBS modelling, I much prefer CAD, my platform of choice being Solid Edge.

    So far I have ordered a few pieces in different materials, awaiting delivery with baited breath to see how they turn out. Having used Objet, SLS and FDM machines before I am a little curious as to why the Objets here aren't allowed to do finer sections/wall thicknesses for details on small parts, where strength is not an issue. I guess the empirical rules on wall thickness helps to keep prices down due to stuff-ups that more expensive RP houses can work around.

    The image below shows some of the FDM parts I produced nearly 2 years ago now.