This is how I used sketch-up to successfully print my 3D models.

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How do you use sketchup with Shapeways?

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  1. liquid98
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    When I first discovered, I was excited! So simple
    and transparent!

    The only thing is, I'm not a die-hard 3D modeler.
    I only use sketch-up for 3D modeling.

    So. Naive as i was, I uploaded my first model. Than I got all kinds of errors, like non manifold erros etc. etc.

    But After some learning, I found a pretty sure way for getting Sketch-up models printable:

    This is how I did the job:


    Google Sketchup 7:
    and Cadspan Plugin.



    Step 1
    Create model in sketchup (work in mm) and use CADspan plugin to generate stl file.
    (Follow instructions on CADspan website)
    (Settings: Highest Gap fill & resolution).

    Check stl file in miniMagics. This software is also used by shapeways (I think). On the right pane it says "how to fix my part"
    If your model is ok than a green sign is showed.

    Final step
    Scale the model in accutrans and export as Collada
    To do so select "Save with options":
    -file type Collada
    -uncheck quads
    -next to "OSF set to" type 0.0254
    -press "OSF set to" button to scale the model

    Than check your dimensions! (Accutrans uses meters)

    and press save to save in collada format.

    That's it!

    Edit: In the mean time I found out about the STL4SU plugin. I prefer that. It works a lot easier than the cad-span plugin!)
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