Thin wire definition

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    How is thin unssuported wire defined? Or to be more precise, which are the limits? There are some rules about FUD, but not SF. It's just a wire hanging, not a load bearing wire.

    The item has been printed multiple times before, counting the part that repeats, it makes hundreds if not thounsands of wires. And of course, the reject was by 0.02 mm (face to face vs edge to edge distance difference in a tube).
  2. stannum
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    Whatever the definition it is... it seems the docs in WSF page are wrong, they say 1mm, emails request 1.3 cylinders. So what do you trust? Docs or emails? Past prints are no guide.

    Sprues, the load bearing wires, at 1mm square were fine, when you would expect them to be the breaking zone.