Thin Wall or Embossed Detail

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    I try not to turn this in to a rant :)

    I have printed many traffic light cufflinks. I actually have more - but I could only find 5 pairs to hand. In the latest improvement, I have made a small change to bottom of the cufflink - completely unrelated to the top of the cufflink. Each of the cufflinks have a small these have a hood or shroud around the the traffic light. This part of the design has not changed in the last 5-6 protoypes.

    I took alot of time to get the design within the rules. In particular according to sticky topic[1] - "Details taller than 1mm, are walls." The hood of the traffic light is not more than 1mm in height and sits on top of a base of 1.2mm in depth. Hence I feel this is an embossing, not a wall
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    The cufflinks should be on national TV in the UK in June. Ahead of this I wanted to print a Silver version (the ultimate bling), but the model has been rejected as wall too thin.

    Photos are worth a thousand words ..... Montage.jpg

    Welcome some feedback on when a wall is a wall - or an embossing. So I can get my design right for silver, but still have it looking and functioning like a traffic light.

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    Got feedback,

    For embossing to be embossing, height must not be > width.

    IMHO - should be in the design rules.