Thickness vs. Transparency of Fine Detail Plastic and Frosted Detail Plastic

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  1. Darksky72
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    I'm looking to create a spherical bubble of sorts that will be illuminated by a colored LED inside of it. To do this, I'm hoping to use either the fine detail or frosted detail plastic materials in transparent detail finish, but I'm unsure about what thicknesses to go for.

    The overall look I would like to achieve is that of milky white dome which isn't see-through, but which glows fairly brightly when the light inside is on. Any insight on which of these to materials and in what thickness would best suit this look?

  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    If you want a cloudy white, go with WSF instead. If you use the lowest thickness for the size, you should get a good glow without being transparent.
  3. Darksky72
    Darksky72 New Member
    That is one possibility, but I've played with the WSF material before and I'd be worried about how fragile it'd be if it were that thin (and it's a fairly large dome), plus it wouldn't really diffuse the light very well at that thickness (the different brightness areas in the LED's radius would be very apparent).
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