thickness under 1mm in the White detail and SWFlex material

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  1. er1c
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    I've been thinking about printing this for a while:

    I was thinking of getting this printed in the white detail and the strong white flexible material to compare the 2 materials. I haven't had anything printed in these 2 materials yet, so I'd love to get some comments / pointers.

    The model is a series of approx 0.5mm thick slices. the largest slice is about 5cm x 5cm, which I think isn't large enough for its thinness to be a problem.

    I understand the recommended min thickness is 2mm, but there were also a few models others have printed that have thickness under 1mm, which seemed to have turned out ok.

    Will the clearing of support material be an issue with the white detail material?
    (and is it not an issue with the SWF because it's only the un-sintered white powder that just falls away?)

    Is it worth getting this printed as a test first? (and increasing the thickness if the test doesn't work)


  2. robert
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    Hi Eric,

    You can safely order this model. Our production people will look at it anyway. Though I expect it to be rejected based on a visual expection on the site.

    Regarding wall thickness there are three important factors. The first is the limitation of the printer technology itself. The second is the ability to clean the model after production. And third is the ability by Shapeways to ship the model to you in one piece.

    The printers can print very thin walls. Up to 16 micron in case of the Detail materials. The issue that we cannot clean it properly. Small features are ok, but larger areas or (partly) enclosed spaces need to be thicker.

    Best regards,

  3. er1c
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    Thanks for clearing that up

    but you have me a little bit confused.. did I get this right:
    so I can safely order it as in it'll print properly but the production team might reject the job / not print it if it's too fragile for cleaning / shipping once it's printed?

    I'll wait for the reply after your production people had a look at it then

  4. er1c
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    I have another question while reading through the upload errors tutorial:
    great page btw :) wish I had found this earlier. for my first print, I spent so much more time fixing non-manifold faces than actually modelling it

    Does the upload check look at the minimum thickness of the model to check if it's under a certain limit? Is that what you meant when you said you expect it to be rejected by the site?

  5. robert
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    Hi Eric,

    The feedback is that the walls need to be 1mm thick to be able print & ship your model.

    Regarding wall thickness we currently do no validate the wall thickness. We are working on this. For this reason we check the models before they go to Production.

    Best regards,

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  6. er1c
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    thanks Robert,

    guess it's back to the drawing board
    1mm it is then

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  7. er1c
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    I've sent through an order for the revised version of the whale with 1mm thick slices, along with 2 other reduced size versions of the same model (3/4 and half size)
    (invoice 101026)

    the 2 smaller prints I want to do as tests to see how the <1mm comes out, so I don't mind if they aren't cleaned that properly / completely.
    (and I just have to hope they do not break during cleaning or shipping)

    Should I send the production guys a message about this? (or can you let them know, Robert?)

  8. robert
    robert New Member
    No, there is no need to do that. Production will check them for you and if they are unacceptable you will be contacted.

    At that moment you can indicate that you still would like to have them printed.