Thickness for figurine shell

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    I hope I don't hated on too much for this posting asking a probably commonly asked question, but I didn't find the exact answer I was looking for in the forums while searching.

    I know that the minimum wall thickness for WSF is .7mm. However I remember reading a while back that for larger objects you want to make it thicker if it needs to support weight and at that time the WSF minimum wall thickness was greater than .7 I think, but I forget what it was.

    Anyhow to the question: I have a figure with arms and legs and a body with holes in the feet. I was going to make a shell with Blender. The figure is about 14x17x8cm (bounding box). What is the minimum thickness to keep this structurally strong? Would 1mm work? 2mm? 3mm?

    Any experience from you guys?

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    Oh perfect! Thank you!