There are ghosts in my house!

Discussion in 'Feature this!' started by Ein_Ajan_Bliej, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Ein_Ajan_Bliej
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    DSCN1325 c2.jpg
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  2. Jettuh
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    Want a tip? :D

    buy some glow in the dark spray!
    Would be great models if they are glow in the dark! :D
  3. Ein_Ajan_Bliej
    Ein_Ajan_Bliej New Member
    Great Idea! thanks :)
    Now I'm curious to find out how they'll look glowing.

    I was thinking of fitting the larger ghost with an LED (as in the pic), but with glow in the dark spray I could even get those little tiny ghosts (which are only 12.5 mm high) to glow as well.
    I'll post the glowing ghosts once I find some spray.

    Btw, amazing work on your trains, Chapeau!