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Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by MichielCornelissen, May 23, 2012.

  1. MichielCornelissen
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    Hi people,

    A Shapeways introduction for me today - it's been a while! The Wrap is a little accessory that clips onto the USB plug of the iPhone charger, to give it cord-winding powers.

    I've been using this little thing for nearly a year now, to great satsifaction; but for all kinds of reasons, didn't get around actually introducing it. Well, the time has come - I hope you like it.

    Oh, and of course, this version is only suited for the European iPhone charger - but I'm taking requests! If I receveive 100 mails (michiel(at)michielcornelissen(dot)com) asking for a US version, I'll get to work.




    You can find the The Wrap here: for-euro-iphone-charger.html

    Or on my own website, here: e_iphone_charger.html

    Thanks, and have a great day,


  2. B1lancer
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    I have an aversion to all things Apple, so I wouldn't have a use for this, but it's a very clever little product and I'm sure it'll do well!

    Well done! :)

    Kindest Regards,