The Silent Guardian - Ninja Turtle

Discussion in 'My Work In Progress' started by Twopounder, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Twopounder
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    I'm currently working towards hollowing it out (it's $130 - $450 :confused ), but this is how it looks so far. Any thoughts or comments? It's meant to sit on something square, like a shelf, monitor, etc.

    He's 6" tall, but I'll probably make a 1", 2" , and 4" version as well.

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  2. jrey
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    Looking pretty good so far. I'm not sure what you're modeling with or how easy it is to model with, but one suggestion I would have is that the muscle definition needs to be refined a bit. It looks a little "lumpy" for lack of a better term. Some of the joints look a bit off too, ex: the knees. It looks like the knees are bending a little to high up the leg and in a rubbery kind of way.

    Pretty cool idea.
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  3. Twopounder
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    Thanks. Its the very first organic model I've ever made and the first time I've used Sculptris. I'm currently learning zbrush, and I'll probably restart the entire thing from scratch. That way I can do some rigging and then repose it.

    The picture is pretty bad. A lot of the proportions are correct, but don't come out right in the 2d export. The fingers, for example, are about twice the length of the thumb, which goes just past the knuckle of the index finger (as is proper). You just can't see that in the pic.

    Zbrush is a bit harder than I first expected, but I'm getting a handle on it.