The Pan-NO-head

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    This is made for the "Samyang 8mm" fisheye lens. It does not matter what camera the lens is on, the pivot points are located over the npp/lpp/osp point of the lens, and mounted to the lens itself.

    While there are methods for using string and a plumb bob to shoot panos, they do not pivot accurately around the npp. I believe this is the first use of a pivot and yoke to suspend the plumb bob accurately from the npp.

    Of course this is only as accurate as the operator. I had no problems and I made sure to include foreground and background items in the scenes. I got very good stitches. I have left the few minor errors that were present.

    I have made some revisions to the parts in the link. I have reduced the yoke width to 1/2 its current width. This will make the white square at the nadir(straight down) 1/4 of what it is now. I also modified the way the string is attached to allow for multiple heights without re-tieing.

    Unfortunately...I had this set printed in WSF as a test print, with the intention of printing them in GR. I did get one set ordered in GR before it was discontinued, I hope they work as well as the WSF.

    My very first handheld pano with the "Pan-NO-head" is here along with pictures of how it's mounted and operated.
    The Pano-NO-head

    My next two test panos,
    Rainforest house at the zoo from the mezzanine
    Rainforest house at the zoo

    feedback is always welcome.

    ps. Hey Shapeways, can I come shoot an interactive panorama of the production facility in NY with parts that were made there?
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    Very effective pano's and good product. What programme do you use for the stitching?

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    Nice! The captured environments are fun to have a look around. I've seen a lot of similar captures that always leave me feeling limited because I can't look as far up or down as I wish I could due to large blind spots. Felt nice and free here. :)
  4. bvr
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    I used PTGui for this stitch. I thought this was a good idea, but it may not be received well in pano circles. It's inexpensive and made of plastic, two things that are kinda shunned by some. Personally, I have no issues with any material. As long as they are used within their capabilities they will perform just fine.
    thanks for looking

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    Happenstance Heroes,
    Thanks! I also like being able to look all the way around. It pains me when I can't shoot a full sphere.

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    That would be so cool,

    We will let you know when we are ready for a 360 photoshoot.
  7. hans_lambermont
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    Cool project and excellent result ! I've used hugin for my image stitching and found that I needed something like your Pano-NO-Head to better align the frames. The only thing I knew of before was a modified computerized astronomy mount :) Your solution is so much simpeler. Very cool.
    -- Hans
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    I'm just at the other end of the state, let me know in advance so I may arrange things. It would be a pretty sweet pano.

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    I also use hugin for certain scenes. This little device ensures you are rotating around the correct point, which makes stitching very easy. As long as its bright enough to allow handheld shots this "Pan-NO-head means I don't have to carry 30lbs of gear.

  10. bvr
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    I had my revisions printed. The major revision was reducing the cross section of the yoke to 1/2 of what it was. This will make the square at the bottom of the pano to 1/4 of what it was.

    Unfortunately, some sort of error crept into my second revision. I modeled a different method for attaching the plumb bob, but on that part one of the hooks came out way too big :( Too big to use. The hook on the other side is fine.

    Does anyone have any idea what happened?
    thanks for looking


    you can see how much too big the slot is, its almost twice as wide as it should be.

    It almost looks like it was glued together?
  11. HappenstanceHeroes
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    Whoa, that is a pretty noteworthy discrepancy in size. No idea what would cause it, but if your model file most definitely didn't contain the same error, I'd suggest documenting such and reporting the whole thing to customer service to see if they can't hook you up with a reprint.