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    Hey Shapers,

    Over the past six years of studying architecture, I used a number of 3D-modeling softwares, from FormZ, Bonzai, and now, to Rhino and Maya. Although these softwares appear extremely different at first, their overall operational mentality is very similar.

    I used Rhino to model my thesis project, for a period of six months, and I have used Maya for a few weeks. I decided to challenge myself and combine the best of both worlds in creating the sculpture below:

  2. kspaho
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  3. kspaho
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    Exploded Parts:
  4. kspaho
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    Modeled in Rhino:
    from rhino.jpg
  5. kspaho
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    Modeled in Maya:
    from maya 1.jpg
  6. kspaho
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    Modeled and rigged(applying bone structure for aniamtion and modification of the chesture of the geometry) in Maya:
    from maya 2.jpg
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    Now the trick is to successfully 3D-Print it, and the next step is to possibly display it at MOMA.

    There has never been a point in the history of our planet, that even the greatest sculptors could not carve something of the sort, out of one piece of material.

    Thanks to Shapeways and 3D-Printing, one's wildest imagination can take shape.

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    Excellent work, well done!

    I model in Rhino, but am trying to branch out into organic modelling as well. Looks like Maya might be a good route to go.

  9. kspaho
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    Yes you can use maya, but you can use Rhino like maya if you install (tsplines plugin) check out this video:
    <a href=" u" target="_blank"></a>

    I like maya because you can get into character modeling and its animation possibilities are endless
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    Neat model! Nice to find some fellow Rhino users using Shapeways.
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    Thanks, I love the program, I use it for both 2D and 3D work