The Magics RP Guide for Maya Artisan Designers

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    What you will need:

    A 3D Package Exporting and Saving Coordinates of OBJ

    Step 1.
    Export as OBJ, make sure your UV's are all set and laid out properly. Save all to a seperate folder.
    Step 2.
    Open up Milkshape. import the obj. with the file you just created.
    Step 3.
    Under the MODEL tab of MS3D, select all your mesh's that belong to your UV set.
    Step 4.
    Assign your UV's to the mesh.
    Step 5.
    Repeat Step 3 and 4 until all mesh's have been reassigned their proper texture.
    Step 6.
    Export as 3ds.
    Step 7.
    Open Magics and locate the 3ds file you just made and import it.
    Step 8.
    repair each of your model's geometry.
    Step 9.
    save as a .wrl , save this in the same directory of your textures that you did in Step 1.
    Step 10.
    Add your wrl and all the texture files (yes even if it creates 20 of them) to the zip file.
    Step 11.
    Upload, yay, you're done.

    Hope this is somewhat useful. This applies to other software but as a Mayan it's mostly dedicated to them.
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    thread updated, hope this is helpful to some folks here. had to teach myself all of this.

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    Hey Akeno,

    would you mind cut & pasting this into a openoffice doc and perhaps add some screenshots and share with us?

    We can than add it to our tutorials section.

    Thanks in advance,