The Giver and Last Stand

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  1. I had a great time making models over Christmas vacation. These are the first two models out of 3 crafted while I was visiting with family (obviously not at precisely the same time :D).

    1st. The Giver of Mercy - a counterpart to the model which hasn't come yet (The Bringer of Justice). The wings weigh more than I anticipated, so the base should have been shifted back further. Also had a few oddities with all my humanoid models in this batch - the lips are basically gone, as if the people are wearing masks on the lower part of their faces. I think it's because I forgot to remove the internal mouth geometry on these. <sigh> Live and learn, I suppose.

    Without further ado, the pictures!

  2. 2nd. Last Stand. This is based on a sketch I did over the summer. I wanted to make something for a friend, and he wanted something that represented a heroic death. I'm in the process of writing a short story / "vignette" to elaborate on that idea (there's actually a story forthcoming for each of the 3 models)