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    Shapeways and 3D printing allowed me to solve ALL of my most difficult design dilemmas. Moving away from 2 bonded pieces, to a single printed instrument.


    The idea for a circular flute came from some of my travels. On the other side of the world, in Yangshuo China, I was mesmerized by a Cantonese street performer (a very gifted bamboo flute player). Over a two-week period, I sat on the street corner for hours a day listening to him play. On my last day in the area, I tried describing a South American Ocarina flute to him using only hand gestures (I cannot speak Cantonese). The ocarina's hollow football shape was not easy to describe. However, I found a piece of garden hose littered in the street that maybe could assist me. I placed the ends together, end-to-end. That was not really the shape I had intended and more than anything I think that I just really confused him. So, I walked away nodding my head, wondering what he thought this dumb foreigner might be trying to do with a piece of garden hose.

    Over the next few days on Transiberian train, I had plenty of time to think and the garden hose shape kept popping up in my daydreams. I began to wonder... what if? Could it work? ...........Maybe?

    Material Details: egg shell blue ceramic
    Acoustics: great tone with a haunting hollow sound - I will get a sound clip recorded asap.
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    Can't wait to hear the audio.

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    STOP4STUFF ................Thanks for the kind words.

    I have the audio, but still trying to figure out how to add it to my shop?

    Thanks again,


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    The flute sounds great!

    You could make a video with a slideshow of images of the flute accompanied by the sound playing for uploading to YouTube, then add the video to the model page.

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    re: video slideshow w/sound and upload to YOUTUBE.

    Hi Paul, great suggestion. I might need my daughter to help me with that one. Thanks for suggestion,