The Elegant Dog

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  1. Andrea_Tarabella
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    Hi all, this is the Elegant Dog, probably someones remembers of him.
    In the images the 15cm version in Avocado Green Ceramic. It had a detail loss in this material but it looks like good at my eyes.
    For who that do not know her, she's Jun, a beautiful Great Danish i had when i was child.
    To be honest, if i had to imagine a picture, or a portrait of her, this is the position i remember best ;)
    I sculpted it in Zbrush4, some photos of the 3d model are in my shop.
    Many thanks to the user GrrrrBob that helped me ordering the first print of this model!
    10 cm version
    15 cm version
    20 cm version
    My shop


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  2. macouno
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    Nice work! I really like the ceramic material as well... keep it up!
  3. UniverseBecoming
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    Nice designs! :eek:

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