The Cherry Earrings In Silver

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  1. SergiuCociuba
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    Hello everyone. A few weeks ago someone asked me if I could do some earrings inspired by a broach she had. She could've found some on the internet but most of them would be flat and not 3D. So i started making this model and I really like how it turned out and decided to add them to my shop. First I printed them in Smooth Fine Detail Plastic and they looked really nice and that was a good way for me to see them for real in my hand. I gave them to my wife to try them on and she loved them. Now I printed them in silver and they are gorgeous. I hope they will be featured. IMG_7019.JPG IMG_7019.JPG IMG_7046.JPG IMG_7052.JPG IMG_7090.JPG 28309908_1857584447609431_826188865_o.jpg IMG_7092.JPG
  2. Ontogenie
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    Those are very pretty! Excellent work.
  3. SergiuCociuba
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    Thank you very much!
  4. Nickola
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    Beautiful pieces
  5. gordonlardi
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