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    I'm working on a project for a friend of mine and I seem to be having texture issues when uploading my model. There's grey areas everywhere and I can't seem to figure out why. If someone could help me figure out why it's doing this, it'd be much appreciated.

    I attached the model down below.

    To prepare my model for upload I:
    [list type=1]
    [*] Attach all objects via Editable Mesh modifier
    [*] Render to texture
    [*] Apply created texture to model
    [*] Export to WRL
    [*] Combine model and texture into ZIP

    But after uploading and processing, there's grey areas everywhere.

    Renders Fine in 3DS Max:

    Shapeways Upload Render:
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  2. Rawrlers
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    There has to be something I'm just missing, because it's doing it with almost every model I've made lately.

    There's spots that are just the wrong color on this model for no reason.
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