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    These arrived a while back, as you can tell from the dye colors. These are parts for my game Tess, the Tess Polygon Module and Tess Disc Module. This is a chess-like game played on tessellations of hexagons, squares and triangles. The pieces are distinguished by which polygons they can occupy. The polygons interlock, and are held together by mutual tension (3 to 6 at a vertex). I used "carriers" to keep all the parts together, a combination of cages and interpenetrating "sprues". polygons.jpg
    PM dsplayed.jpg discs (red).jpg discs (indigo).jpg
    This last image is a double set, stored in a portable Stanley organizer with removable compartments. The current Polygon Module has 10% more polygons than shown, but would still fit.
    stanley open.jpg
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    I'm posting this reply because of the file limitation per message. Here are a few sample setups.
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    Just one more reply to my own message :laughing: Here are some old images of the pieces as they arrived on the carriers. The colors are way off, of course (old camera). The Polygon Module has been expanded from 20 layers to 22 (so 22 hexagons, 66 each of squares and triangles).
    old polygon module.jpg
    disc modules (old camera).jpg

    My friend Mark built this snub cube while we were playing a game one day. It's actually rather fragile. I'm thinking of designing some polygons with longer clips, so they'll hold together in 3D. I would add pentagons, octagons, and decagons, so one could actually make all the convex polyhedra that use these polygons, including the Johnson solids. For this it would be nice to have two more dye colors (hint, hint) :cool:
    Mark's snub cube.png
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    My mind is a little bit blown by this project. Must go to your website...absorb rules...
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    Yeah, I like the concept and design, but how long does it take to set up one of these "boards"? It's not like something one would whip out of the cupboard on a whim...

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    Hi Glenn,

    Thanks. I'll try timing myself (without rushing) on one, and post the results.

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    I set up the first variation (Pa) above (which by the way has one piece out of place in the photo). I assembled about half of the board at a time, and then put the two halves together. It took me about 10 minutes for each half, two minutes to put the halves together, and about two minutes for each player's pieces. So for two players working together, about 15 minutes, including about a minute to adjust the board so it lies flat (not always necessary).