Tealight Easel

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    I saw so many cool and creative tea lights on Shapeways, and they inspired me to try something of my own. Having tea lights always enhanced ambiance to any room, especially when having people over.

    A lot of tea light holder designs are so artistic, and when I thought about it, a picture of an artist's easel came to my mind. So I somewhat haphazardly entertained the idea of putting a tea light on an artist's easel in various ways. As ridiculous as it sounds, I finally came up with something that can actually hold a tea light safely, as well as make it aesthetically pleasing:

    Tealight Easel

    An unexpected find is how the candle light actually illuminates the actual easel, thus making the color more vibrant. My only regret is not ordering more in various colors! I'm so curious to see if they would look just as good in blue, purple and hot pink.

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    These are great! Featured on our Facebook page today. Thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks so much!!!