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  1. Steyin
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    Hey guys,

    just wanted to throw this out there and get feedback to see if this is feasible. I figured since the clown masks from the film were made with a 3d printer that the cowl (mask, helmet, whatever you'd like to call it) could be printed as well. Anyway, I'd say it would be 1/8" (3.175mm) at its thickest, and the 2mm tolerance should be fine for the thinner areas. My head measures (as if in a cube like the 3d model would be) approximately 9.25"x7.5"x9.5" (23.495cm x 19.05cm x 24.13cm), so obviously the cream robust would be the material to use, yet I would think some flexibility is required and that the WS&F would be best, yet this seems a bit tight.

    Then again, the 3d model would be able to be angled within the cube volume, so I may have the benefit of the diagonal to gain more space. The mask would be hollowed out of course, but I worry slightly about any part being manifold, but that may not be an issue.

    So here I am now, asking you guys if this is doable and opinions on the matter. I will be working on the 3d model within the next couple of weeks, so at some point I'll post it/images if this can work. Here are some reference shots of the cowl to help the mental imagery:




    Thanks in advance for your input guys!
  2. Dalhimar
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    First off, the images dont work, at least they dont here in central NY(USA).
    Second, they will readjust your objects position to best fit the printer
    And it should be possible, just need to check the model for manifold. Other than that the only thing is the polycount needs to be under 500k for now. It would be a neat project to see come to life, and if you can, i say goahead =P
  3. RalphVdB
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    Hi Steyin,

    Your images dont work. Try to upload it again :cool: