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  1. gabeLamas
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    So I was thinking to myself, and out of the blue I thought to myself "I should make a nacklace resembling the TARDIS!" I figured I could use some advice in guiding me as to whether or not the model is ready for printing or not, 'cuz ya know, it's the TARDIS. Silver is what I want the final piece to be printed in by the way.


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  2. SGDesigns
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    Nice, looks great. Very detailed. Just make sure you check the step moulding surrounding the door, the 4 vertical bars on the very top. Make sure they are within the design guideline and you can also hollow it out, or not, its up to you.

    min detail is 0.3mm for the step moulding surrounding the door
    Min wire supported is 0.8mm for the 4 vertical bars.
    4mm (one hole)
    2mm (multiple holes)
    Depending on the size of the pendant and weight, make sure the loop will support it.

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  3. gabeLamas
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    Thank you, SG Designs! I'm looking to either do a test print to see how the thing feels, weights in relation to the necklace, and just how the edges come out (too sharp, thin, etc). The test prints will be done in either in alumide or FUD, whichever is more cost-affordable and give the best results for a prototype.
  4. SGDesigns
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    Id go with FUD, the level of detail in alumide isnt as good as FUD. I used to do test prints with white detail, but at first its so white, kinda hard to see the detail untill it gets a little dirty then its all good.