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    Hi all

    Very new to 3D scanning and modelling.

    Ive posted one topic and have been overwhelmed with the response - it is a credit to this site and its members.

    Im going to start by telling you all what i want to do and see if i can get some advice and recommendations.

    I want to have a small (but better than basic desktop) setup to scan and/or replicate small parts/items for people. it appears most companies that are setup for this type of scanning/modelling work want drug money for even the smallest job. I want to be in a position to do the smaller work.

    Im not really interested in the large scale work (im thinking that even a full size car would be too much for me to get into and im not really interested as other companies area already set up for that with high cost machines).

    I think everyone has seen the Jay Leno youtube clip with the NextEngine scanner and Dimension printer. Thats the sort of thing id like to be doing - small jobs for people without the high price tag.

    So id like to see some responses please. Feel free to point me to previous topics on this forum for me to read.

    laser scanning versus structure light?
    additive printing/extrusion or stereolithography?
    what machines (scanner or printer) would you recommend for my purposes? why?
    whats the easiest to use software package for this sort of work?

    Have at it guys - what do you think?
    Cheers from down-under!

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    Welcome Glenn, we can really help with what it takes for printing with Shapeways, but we do have members with a little bit of expertise in what you're looking for as well.

    1. I believe laser is more accurate. Check out 123D catch. I hear Makerbot is rebuilding their their 3D scanner. I've used David 3D scanner before but never got the results they show in their gallery.
    2. I want a Form1! It depends on your budget and final product.
    3. Like I said I want a Form1, there's Makerbot, RepRap Afinia, and many others.
    4. That will probably depend on your scanner and printer.

    For your desktop, I was looking at getting a BOXX. They have lower end ones, and they are built for CAD and Rendering.