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  1. twomeyc
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    Hi: I'm a sculptor new to all of this. Is there someone who has the capability to 3D laser scan a finished sculpture and then, when the model is produced, prepare the model for 3D printing? This would include hollowing out the model, making sure the inside faces are pointing the correct way, filling holes, and all of that other stuff I've read about but am not completely sure yet what it is.

    - Without seeing the sculpture yet, could you provide very rough ballpark figures for what such services might cost?

    - I should be able to send additional information and details if there is someone capable of helping me.

    Thanks much in advance,

  2. designanything3d
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    Private message sent
  3. jordanbanks
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    without seeing the figure it is hard to give an estamate
  4. twomeyc
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    If you are interested in providing additional information please private message me and I will provide additional information. Thanks.