Tag Or Pendant With Text On Both Sides - Possible?

Discussion in 'Other Interest Groups' started by Liveinthemind, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. Liveinthemind
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    What it says on the tin. I have an idea for a company, but it involves a dog-tag or pendant that has text printed on two sides. Everything I've seen for sale only offers one-sided printing.
  2. UniverseBecoming
    UniverseBecoming Well-Known Member
    It's a great idea! Yes, it is possible. With 3D printing just about anything that you can envision in your mind's eye is not only possible but regularly done.

    The next question could be, how do you plan to go from your idea to reality? Would you like to use 3D modeling software and learn how to do it yourself? Or, would you like to hire someone proficient in the use of 3D modeling software to make your idea into a 3D file, which you can then have 3D printed to make it into an actual tangible product?

    Once you get to that stage you can then easily start selling your idea either by having Shapeways handle all of the selling for you and you just collect your markup profits every month or, you can also sell at numerous marketplaces online, or your own website as well. It's all super easy to do theses days. :)
  3. Liveinthemind
    Liveinthemind Member
    How much would it cost to have someone design it? I can't figure it out on the modelling software.
  4. hanelyp
    hanelyp Well-Known Member
    There's a few details I still need to figure out, but it looks like:
    - your choice of scripting language could create an SVG containing the text in a font of your choice.
    - inkscape can convert the SVG to a DXF.
    - openscad can extrude the shape given in a DXF and combine it with a base shape, outputting a STL.
  5. MrNibbles
    MrNibbles Well-Known Member
    If you want to do the text customization on Shapeways, using their CustomMaker tool, you can define a text box for custom text on only one side. However you could define an image box on the other side and have the image contents be text instead of an image graphic.
  6. UniverseBecoming
    UniverseBecoming Well-Known Member
    To put lettering on both sides of something like a dog tag would be cheap, say $10 to $20 US. CustomMaker is highly doable too, but you need to do quite a bit of trial and error to get it dialed in. The main headache would be finding a font that you can apply in an image form using an imaging software package like Photoshop that matched Shapeways text font. Once you had everything dialed in though it would be extremely easy to make it say whatever you wanted whenever you wanted.

    For a beginner, the best software I can think of for doing something like this is 123D Design by Autodesk, it's a free CAD software package that is easy to use. Once you had it setup you could easily change the text on both sides to say whatever you wanted. Here's a video showing how to work with text.

    She cut all the way through, but what you could do is just dip the bottom of the letters into the surface a little and then subtract that to make an engraving. And of course, you'd just flip it over and do the same on the other side. To make the dog tag you could either learn how to use 123D Design or you could have someone else make it for you and you'd just load it into 123D Design to add the text whenever you wanted. Once you added the text you'd just save it as an STL file and then upload it to Shapeways to be printed.