Tactile Puzzle/game Pieces For The Blind

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chrisnorm74, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. chrisnorm74
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    Hi! I don't know much about 3D printing but I'm wanting to create some type of puzzles or games for the blind community and thought 3D printing might be a way to make tactile pieces. Can anyone tell me if this is possible and, if so, how does the process work and how much might it cost? Thanks so much. Christine
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    Welcome Christine. If you're talking about printing symbols or braille, than yes, totally doable in 3D printing. For cost, that will depend on size and material. And, unless you can 3D model the game yourself, you may have to pay someone to make the models for you. Of course, if you decide to try to model them yourself, we have many here that will help you learn!
  3. chrisnorm74
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    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Obviously I'm only in the beginning stages of this project and not sure of all the specifics yet but I have to start somewhere and thought this was a good place to get some information. Thank you for your response. I'll definitely let you know if and when I have more specifics to work with.
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  5. UniverseBecoming
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    Hello, the Shapeways crew will help you! :D I figured it out by looking at a braille to text translation graphic. :)

    That's a really great idea for 3D printing! There are all kinds of puzzles that could be converted to braille. It's a great idea for 3D printing because 3D printing is good for nitch markets. Markets too small for mass manufacturing but perfect for 3D printing because there are no startup costs.

    Are you blind? If so, there is a huge network of 3D modeling specialists that can make whatever you'd like for minimal costs. One place is the 3D Design Requests area of the forum found here There you would make a written description of what it is you'd like to have 3D modeled and post it and you'd receive lots of quotes. The other place is here, where you can find designers you like and then contact them with what it is you'd like to create.

    Whatever way you use to get your ideas into 3D models you can open a shop here on Shapeways and be in business selling your creations in a matter of minutes! That's what's great about Shapeways. :)
  6. UniverseBecoming
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    Ok costs, I just read your post again. Let's say you made something like a scrabble tile. In Shapeways' Strong and Flexible Plastic material, it would be something like $1 to $2. In Shapeways' Sterling Silver material, it would be something like $35 to $40.

    To have a 3D modeler make the tile for you would be something like anywhere from free to $15.
  7. UniverseBecoming
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    Ok, I took a minute and made a 19 mm X 19mm X 4 mm blank Scrabble tile and uploaded it to Shapeways to get the exact costs.

    Here are the exact costs for most of Shapeways' materials:

    White Strong & Flexible
    White $2.45

    Black Strong & Flexible
    Black $3.45

    White Strong & Flexible Polished
    White Polished $2.95

    Purple Strong & Flexible Polished
    Purple Polished $3.45

    Red Strong & Flexible Polished
    Red Polished $3.45

    Pink Strong & Flexible Polished
    Pink Polished $3.45

    Blue Strong & Flexible Polished
    Blue Polished $3.45

    Elasto Plastic $2.78

    Yellow Strong & Flexible Polished
    Yellow Polished $3.45

    Green Strong & Flexible Polished
    Green Polished $3.45

    Orange Strong & Flexible Polished
    Orange Polished $3.45

    White Premium Strong & Flexible
    White Premium $6.89

    Black Premium Strong & Flexible
    Black Premium $6.89

    Metallic Plastic $3.13

    Polished Metallic Plastic $3.63

    Frosted Ultra Detail $4.83

    Frosted Extreme Detail $5.41

    Transparent Acrylic $6.81

    White Acrylic $6.81

    Black Acrylic $6.81

    Stainless Steel $13.21

    Matte Gold Steel $17.21

    Matte Bronze Steel $13.21

    Polished Bronze Steel $13.21

    Polished Gold Steel $17.21

    Polished Nickel Steel $17.21

    Matte Black Steel $17.21

    Polished Grey Steel $17.21

    Raw Silver $48.37

    Polished Silver $51.45

    Premium Silver $60.68

    Raw Brass $24.81

    Polished Brass $30.45

    Raw Bronze $24.81

    Polished Bronze $30.45

    14K Gold $771.81

    14k Rose Gold $771.81

    14k White Gold $771.81

    18k Gold $1,152.46

    Platinum $2,559.81

    14k Gold Plated $34.56

    14k Rose Gold Plated $34.56

    18k Gold Plated $34.56

    Rhodium Plated $34.56

    Sandstone $4.08

    Castable Wax $21.54

    Raw Aluminum $25.05

    Black Hi-Def Acrylate
    Black $9.31

    Black PLA
    Black $8.08

    White PLA
    White $8.08

    Gray PLA
    Gray $8.08

    Orange PLA
    Orange $8.08
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    Hi Christine,

    I tried to make blind-friendly puzzles. See this post: https://www.shapeways.com/forum/t/dual-sphericon-puzzle.78572/#post-195911
    I wanted to do a last iteration of the Dual Sphericon Puzzle, but I have been busy with other projects. Defining the correct size for the "creases" is not an easy task though, I think i changed sizes for each prototype and I am still not satisfied.
    Good luck with your project.

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  9. chrisnorm74
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    Thank you to everyone for your ideas and recommendations for my project. We're still in the beginning phase of this and we're looking for a way to create it ourselves with minimal cost for now until we see how it works. If we get it going, then we'll come back here to discuss other possibilities to produce it on a larger scale. Thanks again for your time. Hope to be back here with a successful product soon!