Tacky Spots In Fxd/fud

Discussion in 'Materials' started by HOn2Jeff, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. HOn2Jeff
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    Not sure if this is the best category to post this in...

    Has anyone out there had prints in FXD/FUD (what used to be those products at least) come through with tacky spots, even after multiple cleanings?

    A friend/customer of mine purchased a locomotive cab off my Shapeways store and there's a good sized tacky/sticky spot on the roof, even after multiple extended soaking in Mineral Spirits.

    If this is just a not fully cured spot, is there a way to "home cure" FXD/FUD?

    Thanks for any help/guidance anyone can provide.

  2. PaperLab
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    Try exposing to UV light for few hours. In might help but since this part was already soaked in other chemicals it might be contaminated. I would suggest always exposing to UV before any other postprocessing. Good luck.
  3. HOn2Jeff
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    Thanks PaperLab. I'll advise my friend to give that a try.