Taboo, to make my own "ring poem"

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by beekerstudios, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. beekerstudios
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    I love the idea of the ring poem, but I really don't like the font choices all that much. I know it's a little anal retentive, as I tend to sway towards the design than the tech at times. I don't mean it needs to be fancy, or something odd. Hey Helvetica isn't even available. Obviously for licensing reasons I am sure. The great thing is since I own software that includes these and many other great fonts, I can extrude them myself, and also wrap them around in a "tube" shape.

    Yay me, but is it taboo? Am I violating some TOS, if I do so?

    It's something for a personal gift, but I'd like a little more choices in fonts, also no size choice, so I guess it's one size fits all (whatever that means).

    I know the ring size I want to make the ring for is 17.9mm in diameter or 7.5 american.

  2. beekerstudios
    beekerstudios New Member
    realizing that the "ring poem", is really meant for napkin rings, not actual fingers.

    Why did I think that the ring, would be something that someone would actually want to wear. Maybe it would be, maybe not, but it's probably not comfortable, even at a proper size. I am sure.

    Disregard my original question/statement.
  3. joris
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    As far as I know you would not be violating our TOS.

    We also would not mind if you in some way want to improve upon our Creators or put a better product out there.

    We want you guys to have the best customization tools, the best products that you can make together with customers. So we will help in any way we can.

    If you can do a better job, then so be it.