Support within Hollow Objects to withstand weight

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    I'm interested in creating the lower sole and platform part of a high heel using 3D printers. I am most interested in using the Strong and Flexible Plastic because I am on a budget, and also am interesting in hollowing out the shape so as to also save money. However I need a structure that is stiff and can support 100-200 pounds and impact.

    I am thinking that If I create a waffle-like structure on the inside, I can make it strong enough to withstand weight but I don't know anything about this and am hoping that someone can recommend a minimum width of the support lines, how far apart each row should be, and if a waffle structure is the best? Diamonds? Squares? Hexagons?

    I hope my message is clear, I'm not sure if I worded it well enough. Regardless, I want to make heels and have the interior of the bottom part made out of plastic. Any recommendations to make it strong and be able to withstand what heels normally withstand would be welcomed!!

    Thanks :)
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    I cannot tell yo the exact dimensions of the structure that you need to build, but perhaps there are some more things for you to think about/specify:


    How high do you want the heels to be? How thin? And what is the change in the cross-section over the length of the heel?

    Clearly a low, blocky heel will have different construction issues compared to a high stiletto heel. A blocky heel will be very strong and resistant to bending and torsion and will be easy to design to be effective, whereas a stiletto will require more engineering to perform as you wish.

    Hollow Construction

    You want to use hollow s&f to save money, so any strengthening structure you create will have to allow the support structure in printing (the wsf powder to escape, so you cannot have any closed cells.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you for your helpful quick response!

    To be more precise I am looking more at the platform portion of the heel that would withstand most of the weight. For the heel, I plan on reinforcing with metal on the interior.
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