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    I had some problems with a model I made not being able to be cleaned (have the support material removed). After hearing that the support material for Black Detail expands when it is removed I started realizing some of the limits of 3d printing and cleaning because of this. I got a very helpful response from Frank Geven about the different processes for support material removal:

    The way support material is to be removed depends on the material you choose for your model.

    Cream Robust: indeed, it dissolves.
    White Strong & Flexible: the support material is unused powder. After production this powder can be removed by using a brush.
    White Detail, Black Detail and Transparent Detail: big chunks not too close to the model can be broken. The rest will be removed with water jet (30-60 bar). Here the support will expand during removal.

    Hope this helps you!

    I'm planning on having my miniature coca cola bottle printed ( ). I'd like to do it in Transparent Detail so it looks like glass, but it wouldn't be able to be cleaned right?

    Thanks for the help.
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    Hi Pete,

    I'll check the best production method for this particular model. I come back to you.

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    Thanks for checking into this Frank. (I can't believe you guys are able to keep after so many emails and forum posts!) I'd like to print this in Transparent Detail (hoping for a glass look) but if not I will print it in White Strong & Flexible which, from what I've been told, should work fine.
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    Hi Peter,

    In case you choose the Transparent Detail material it's preferable to increase the wallthickness to, at least, 1,5mm. Be aware that really transparency will be achieved after polishing the model on the inside as well as the outside. When we ship it, it's semi-transparent. And even after polishing there will always be a yellow haze over the material.

    When you don't want to increase the wallthickness (or don't want to polish, of course) the White Stong & Flexible material is a good alternative material. But, not transparent at all.......

    In case you have any further questions, also feel free to send me an e-mail - you've got the address.



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    Thanks for letting me know about this.

    To empty holow spaces with White Strong & Flexible we need to leave a hole so you can vacuum it out, how big should that hole be? Can it be as small as 1mm diameter or what size?