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  1. Quick question, if I have a cylinder in a cube which looks like 001 and 002, but in reality the cylinder still protrudes a little into the cube, does that really matter for a 3d print when it's all one solid model?

    ie will the printing software just look at the "outside" of the model and not the "inside"?

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. SemperVaporo
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    I don't normally leave lines and polygons that are hidden inside an object.

    If I were to have drawn that I would have drawn the square base, extruded it out to a cube shape, then drawn a circle on the face of the cube and extruded it to form the rod shape. That would leave nothing hidden inside. But if the cube and rod were already drawn and I just wanted to attach them to each other, I would just move the rod to the surface of the cube (and adjust the length to what I wanted, not shoved the rod into the cube to set the amount that sticks out (leaving useless lines and polygons inside the cube).

    Still, if you were to leave useless lines and polygons inside of a solid object, I believe the software would ignore them and you'd get what you wanted as viewed from the outside.
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    Thanks Semper!