Sun with Greek Lettering Necklace Pendant

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by bekahsbazaar, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. bekahsbazaar
    bekahsbazaar New Member
    Hi all!!

    I need a sun with some greek letters on it in a necklace pendant for my friend's late Christmas present. I hired a graphics & 3D designer to make one for me, and even though I gave her the specifications ahead of time she was unable to make it in a format shapeways could read :(

    I have a 2D picture or a model in a different format I could pass along... or you can make your own from scratch. Would anyone be willing to help? It's super simple. I am not picky on the design. Just a sun with greek letters and a spot to place a necklace chain; get as creative as you want.

    It would be an amazing favor!!!!!

    Thank you,
  2. denali3ddesign
    denali3ddesign New Member
    Hi Rebekah, welcome to Shapeways!

    This sounds like a simple project, If you send your files (3D model and images) to I'll get you taken care of.


  3. bekahsbazaar
    bekahsbazaar New Member
    Thank you!! :laughing:

    I am emailing you the pictures now :)