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  1. Hey everyone if anyone has any requests or suggestions for something to make please leave a comment!!!
  2. Chassoz
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    Hi All,

    I am a newbie and am trying to order an items from the shop to sdee what the product is like.
    Firstly, the search engine is not very user friendly - nor searchable.
    Secondly, the carty does not permit cancellation.
    And finally the cost of sending a single lightweight, small c.c .
    item to Australia seems very, very high, at 20 Euros for a 12 Euro item !!!!!

    What can be done?


  3. Ok so what you are going to need to do is search keywords like pendant or nameplate. Second when you are trying to remove something from the cart you need to go to the cart and under the place where it says the amount for the individual object there is a small button that says remove. Press the remove button. For any item that is downloaded by a user, the user that made it has some say in the price. Some users make them affordable and some don't. If there is anything specific you would like please reply. My shop will be opening soon.
    I hope this helped you,
    Epic Productions Bros.
  4. I have now made my shop so please check it out!!!
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    Very nice
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