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    Wandering around the site for a while now, I've noticed some things that might prove useful for customers, shop owners, and yourselves.

    1) There REALLY needs to be a "notes" section on the order page, especially for creators. Someplace we can drop a note to the inspectors or production people. There is currently no way to do this. It would be particularly handy for orders where you're getting several related items, and want to make a note that, for example, you don't want it shipped until all parts are printed. This could also be someplace you could indicate an order should be merged with another - as when items get cancelled, then revised and printed.

    2) In keeping with 1, how about an option somewhere, probably on the final order confirmation page, with a checkbox "Do not ship until all items are printed or I say so". Again, it's a customer service thing, especially if an order requires several items and you don't need any of them until all of them are ready - another printing issue failsafe. You could put a button on the order status page to "Release/Ship My Order" for that. (This ties in to 3 below)

    3) How about something that would allow you to "Merge My Orders" according to order number - for example, when part of an order gets cancelled and the items get revised and another try is made... letting you piggy-back the revised items back onto the original order. This should probably be limited to items that were in the original order.

    OH! And "one more thing"... it seems the tags don't like colons. I'm making mostly model railroad things, and I've been putting "1:160" and "1/160" (as an example) in my tags. The "1/160" works, but the "1:160" tag doesn't resolve (but it works in search??) , and that's a very common way of indicating scale... I'm sure the rest of the scale modellers here, train, airplane, or whatever, would appreciate it if that would work!
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    I just ran into your just one more thing problem. Don't put any unintentional html control characters in your model title or description either or bad things can happen. The system is heavily html based and does not as of yet have a way of recognizing when these characters are meant to be controlling code or just regular keyboard text strings to be displayed. In another thread someone mentioned that you could use the "escaped" version of the character to avoid problems. But as in my case you would need to have a clue what the html control characters are in the first place (I do not), what all the escape codes are, when to use them, and you can't rely on the system editors to protect you from yourself!
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