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  1. Dule
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    I want to print out one of my old models and send it as a gift to someone.
    So I was wondering if you guys could suggest what kind of materials I should use.
    I was thinking of using the white Strong & Flexible material for the "Boy's surface" and perhaps ceramic for the base.

    This is the original render which I'd like to mimic, but Im open to any kind of suggestions(even if they dont resemble the render).

    It would be just a simple 2 piece decorative thing, with a bounding box for the top piece (the actual Boy's surface) of maybe between
    say 6x6x6 and 9x9x9 cm.

    Here's a video that explains the model better:

    I would appreciate any suggestions before I start optimizing the model.

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  2. UniverseBecoming
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    Nice animation!

    I'd use the white polyamide for the sculpture and the black polyamide for the base. Also, I'd make the lettering on the base stand out more so that when it is printed it will be more readily visible. If you put a texture on everything it will help to hide the 3D print layers.
  3. Dule
    Dule New Member
    I'm glad you like it!

    And thanks for the material suggestions. That indeed seems like the way to go.