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  1. Ideas You Hold Right in Your Hands.jpg Hi Folks,

    I just opened my shop. Heres is a picture of my far. Much more to come over the next few weeks.
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  2. lensman
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    Nice. You've been busy! - Looks like DaVinci's brain exploded in your hands!

  3. Thanks!

    You shop and products looks awesome!

    So how to did you make your banner stretch across the page? My banner is centered and I want it to stretch across too. When I emailed Shapeways they said that was the default.

    I am new to all this, and I see a lot of pros like you with "not for sale" items in your shops. These items are really great. Are they not for sale because they are a private customer?
  4. lensman
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    The banner looks like that because your actual image is centred on a 960 x 125 pixel graphic (who seem to have a lot of white space). You need to go into a graphic programme, create a new image at the above dimensions, then work on that to get what you want. Once done, simply upload and, bingo, it should fit across your page...

    And, yes, a lot of my models are private and either the customer orders directly from me or from here with a link I supply.

  5. Thanks Glenn,

    I was messing with it and I see what you mean. I'll tweak it further later. I sincerely appreciate the advice.

  6. virtox
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    Wow, that's an awesome hand full of science :nod:

    Btw, you can embed the image in your post using the small image icon above the edit box, it will generate code like this:

  7. Thanks Virtox,

    You know have been trying to figure how to embed the image. But when I used the small icon your mention it opens the box beginning with http://.

    But what should I insert after that? Do I post the image on a website and the use the link in after http://?

    Or am I over thinking it, and its easier than that?
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    Sorry, weekend tiredness, I was indeed thinking of external files.

    If you click edit on your first post, you will see a link near the attachment that says
    Insert image into message body
    And it will generate and add the code for you :)

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    No that was my fault for not paying attention to detail. It was right there in front of me and you helped me see it.

    Thank you so much. :cool: