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  1. Vennik
    Vennik New Member

    Im a student on the TU Delft in the Netherlands.
    I learned to work with SolidWorks, a very strong 3d model program.

    Let me know if you need something.
    I will place it in my shop with a very small fee.


    My shop:
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  2. alfplata
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    Hi, I'm an amputee leg and ask for your help to solve a problem. One of the tragedies of un'amputato side and 'look, innocently curious, the people you meet in the visual field, particularly so in the summer and in some places where' necessary to remove the clothes. I personally do not go to the beach, by the pool, or in any place where it should find the leg for about three years. I am perfectly aware that the covers aesthetic elastic foam or worse silicone coatings, which should simulate the human skin, sore hidden and sometimes make it even more 'painful aspect of the prosthesis. It 'much more' healthy and pleasant highlight with a hint of "art" that can not be more 'be replicated. I apologize for this premise in the argument. I found in the network of sites where, by means of 3D printing, you create shells polymers while recreating the remapping body limb amputee, very important for the well-being of the person, do not have the hateful image of the usual standard covers.
    Unfortunately, the producers do not market in Italy and the printing company in 3D prototypes that I found in Italy wants to send a STL file that are not able to produce.
    There 'a designer 3D CAD CAM that can deliver the project? Can I send a technical drawing with measures to be applied to the "artsy" I'd settle for just a few bas-reliefs.
    Thanks for your attention.

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  3. woohandbags
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    Hello Vennik,

    Are you still available for 3D modelling? I am looking for a 3D modeller for handbag hardware. Nothing complex, just the ordinary o-rings, clasps, etc. Please contact me if you are available.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

  4. RFGO
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    Reply to: 3D modeler for hire; your services are requested for a myriad of projects

    Do contact asap to 3D-erize our 2D projects-specifications.

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    Thank you.

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