structural strength of the SS?

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  1. piethout
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    Wondering what the difference say between printing a 9" x 1" x 5/16" bar of SS versus using the real thing. Application is a folding chair where some leveraged load will be applied against it. Just wondering if youd say the printed SS can bear loads 90% the same as a solid bar or 50% or 20%... Is it totally not the same material strengthwise when placing leveraged loads on it?

    Say you screw 4" to a board and load the end significantly. Will the solid SS bar far outlast the Printed one?

    General answers are great, I just have no conception of its differences.

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  2. roofoo
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    I don't know about the strength, but you do realize you are going to pay an astronomical price to get it 3D printed? Just buy a piece of stainless steel bar from a building supplier like most people do. :rolleyes:
  3. natalia
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    You can actually just input those dimensions in the materials page and get a quote:
    and click: I have a specific model to print.

    Then you will see the price instantly and you can make a comparision with how much it would cost buying a traditional piece.

    Or, you can model a 9" x 1" x 5/16" box and upload it to get a price quote
  4. bvr
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    It would be interesting to see the results from a reduced section tensile test and perhaps a charpy impact test.