Strange manifold problems / Sketchup

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  1. Jelle Marechal
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    Hi all,

    i've been trying to make a model but haven't been able to submit it mostly because of manifold errors. I've found the culprit though, it's because of the roof in my model.

    But, when I inspect my model in the Model Error Analysis, it doesn't give me any red areas. I'm also pretty sure my model is waterproof (even Accutrans says so..)

    why does it keep on giving me these manifold errors? (i've checked internal overlappings already as well..)

    Would anyone be willing to look at my model? As the topic title suggests, I made this model in sketchup. i'm out of ideas, i really can't figure it out...

    thanks in advance!



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  2. aoster
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    Hi there,
    As you see in the picture, there was an additional plane inserted on top of the walls which does not contribute to the boundary surface (the green one).


    I attached a fixed model that uploads fine to shapeways..

    Best regards,

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