Strange folder appeared in computer

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by Wolf, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Wolf
    Wolf New Member
    Hey guys,

    Just a low-key member here, signed up not too long ago, looking around for inspiration. I just have a question about this folder that appeared in my computer that I'd just noticed. :eek:

    The folder's called '.jnlp-applet', it's subfolder is 'cache' and the subfolder for that is 'www_shapeways_com'. Then inside that is a random numbered folder with an .LCK file and a couple of .IDK and Executable Jar Files. I'd thought that it looked like some Trojan, but since it's a Shapeways folder of sorts, I'd like to be informed of what it is. I didn't expect signing up and having some folder stuck into my pc..

    Anyone else has this? Thanks for any feedback! :)
  2. bartv
    bartv New Member
    Hi Wolf,

    that's probably a leftover from our 3D viewer Java applet. Did you watch a model in 3D? If so, then you have nothing to worry about.

    You can safely remove that folder if you don't like it, but it will be re-created the next time you watch a model.


  3. Wildsketch
    Wildsketch New Member
    I've nothing to say about the folder, but I hope this is a good place to bring up some thoughts about your option for viewing files in 3D.

    I've tried it a few times and come to the conclusion that it absolutely will not work for me. It makes me click OK to download java things from two different locations, takes forever to load and then just displays a black rectangle.

    I'm using Windows XP Firefox, and never use any other browser.

    I might also pass on that I block flash by default, (watching YouTube videos requires one more click from me than it does from the average viewer.) and most videos or things that move have a tag appended to them so that I can block them if they bother me.

    I think a better solution for displaying an object in 3D might be a Quicktime 3D movie rendered by your servers, or even a turntable gif animation. These solutions might be a lot more accessible and predictable than serving a 3D object, which can probably be quite large in some cases.
  4. Owensar
    Owensar New Member
    The Java applet works fine for me, but it really depends on the power of your current machine.

    As with anything, a slow internet connection will mean it will take along time to load, and low memory on the machine will halt how much can be stored to be moved about in real time.

    As a side note.. I think you should implement it so you can spin the model around (as the owner) and then position it/copy screencap to the model page as some of the angles on the models are crazy.
  5. Wildsketch
    Wildsketch New Member
    I have a newish computer and a dsl connection. I just think that it would be better if the website gave you simulated 3d rather than real 3D.
    Among other reasons, if you wanted people to be able to view your designs but not have access to the actual geometry. This cannot be managed effectively if the website is sending geometry to people so that they can turn the object around on their screen.

    Whether bandwidth is an issue for me or not, it will be an issue for the server. A QTVR or rotating gif may be more satisfying in some cases, as well as smaller than large numbers of polygons.

    A rotating gif could even help you get a better idea of the shape of objects in thumbnail mode.
  6. Wolf
    Wolf New Member
    Ahh thank you all who replied! :) Yeah, I have tried to view a design with the 3D java applet viewer. It was taking awhile to load so I had abandoned the rest of the download, as I was doing other things as well.. But yeah, thanks for the clarification. I had a feeling that it was the case.

    As much as I like Wildsketch's great idea about using Quicktime renders, perhaps the current 3D viewer would help a student in 3D design learn alot more with the detail available?