strandbeest turbine addon

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  1. er1c
    er1c New Member
    my design for a vertical axis turbine addon for the strandbeest
    it works! and on my first print :)



    and a vid of it in action:

    need to do a bit more fine tuning to reduce the wobble on the turbine...
  2. bmsleight
    bmsleight New Member

    What is the inertia like ?
    Could you leave it to walk across the garden ?
  3. er1c
    er1c New Member
    that's something I'll need to test out :)

    actually I'm not really sure how well it'll work with natural wind.
    the original idea behind going for a vertical axis one is so that it'll work with non-directional wind, but I've only tried it by blowing on one particular side of the turbine.

    in terms of the amount of push require to start it walking, inertia isn't that big an issue, as the gears changes 16 rev of the turbine to 1 rev of the strandbeest drive shaft.
  4. bartv
    bartv New Member
    Awesome, I've forwarded this link to the designers! Also, I noticed you added little 'feet' - are these 3d printed as well?

  5. er1c
    er1c New Member
    thanks bart!
    the feet made from a rubber band, cut up and attached to each leg to improve traction. now it walks fine, even on glass :)
    that was the quickest solution I can think of at the time.

    the new elasto plastic material might be a suitable material for 3d printed versions of those feets, if it's rubbery enough...
    will know soon, have an elasto print order due to arrive sometime next week.

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  6. er1c
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