stop motion mount for iphone

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    hi guys

    so heres my latest model:

    printing in WSF

    its a mount for an iPhone 4 / 4s that will ideally be used by low budget stop motion fans

    (although saying that i havent uploaded the model yet so not sure how much it costs)

    it rotates incrementally in two separate axis (axes?) (up+down, left+right) and can be held in these positions (with hopefully, a good degree of accuracy) by means of posts that inhibit free movement. (mechanism not shown in images)

    there are 4 holes that are design to fit M5 bolts for attaching to heavy base or dolly.
    i plan to adapt this idea to fit a generic tripod.

    the extra bits that protrude from the base are to be removed post print, to fill gaps and restrict movement on various parts of the model. so to allow for smoother shots

    the rotation (left to right) is made possible by the bearing in the base. (see pics)

    each ball bearing has a .7mm gap between neighboring parts. is this enough for mostly enclosed pieces?

    .if anyone has any experience with stop motion. ........

    there are 80 teeth on 2 wheels (each wheel controls 1 axis of movement ........every time a wheel is turned the camera will rotate 4.5 degrees in the chosen axis.

    my question this too much rotate between photos?

    i plan to get this printed then send it to someone with experience in stop motion to see if they would like to test it, if your interested and have examples of your work, feel free to contact me

    sorry for poor resolution in image still trying to figure that out. its been shifted between SW, PS and AI.
    oh and i forgot to change the floor plane for rending so the model doesn't just cut off at the back like that

    think that's it

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    This really depends on distance to object. For close shots it is less then for far objects.

    But anyway it is a simple calculation. Lets assume I want to make smooth rotation 30Ëš during 2 seconds. Even if I shoot 24 frames per seconds I need 50 teeth on 30Ëš space. That is about 500 for full rotation. So 80 teeth is obviously too little.

    I would do the will bigger and make at least 2 teeth per 1Ëš.

    Also as an idea I would do the rails for your stand. So you can place this mount to rails and also move it along the scene. This is one of the most required movements. You can also make it move with teeth along the rail.

    And I am not sure about 0.7mm gap. Look here for Minimum detail property. So if it is 0.2mm then for ball bearing I would do max 0.4mm

    But in general your ideas is great!
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